‘Stitching Ahmed’s Dream’: searingly authentic

By Adnan Murad

A still from ‘Stitching Ahmed’s Dream’ | Coca-Cola Pakistan

We all have dreams that we want to pursue and relentlessly work on.

However, only the brave ones dare to risk and step out of their comfort zones to do what is needed.

This, my friends, is a daunting task.

Stitching Ahmed’s Dream is also a story about a teenager who had the courage to follow his passion.

At the outset of this documentary, ‘ambition’ is announced.

It starts with a headshot of Ahmed Raza, the 15-year-old boy who recently became the first Pakistani to set foot on a field in the FIFA World Cup, lying on a lush green field and wearing a shocking pink T-shirt.

A still from ‘Stitching Ahmed’s Dream’ | Coca-Cola Pakistan

Suddenly, we hear him saying: “I love playing football. I do not know how this happened. It is all so sudden. Though whatever is happening, it is awesome.”

Over here, he is talking about his journey to St. Petersburg, which was made possible by Coca-Cola Pakistan. The 15-year-old football enthusiast’s family has been producing footballs for over decades in Sialkot.

It is important to note here that more than 50 per cent of footballs produced globally come from Sialkot. This is why Coca-Cola Pakistan took an initiative to send Ahmed to the FIFA World Cup in order to represent his country.

A still from ‘Stitching Ahmed’s Dream’ | Coca-Cola Pakistan

Credit must be given to Coca-Cola Pakistan and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Films for documenting his journey with a searing authenticity. The duration of this documentary, its succinct storytelling and its movingly handmade quality instills in our hearts and minds that this is a story about coming of age — and that the rough edges are part of this experience.

Stitching Ahmed’s Dream is an earnest, important and evocative documentation of a teenager’s journey from Sialkot to St. Petersburg.

Watch it and drag every child you care for to watch this wondrous journey unfold here:

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